Monday, December 7, 2009

Hedgehog in the fog

A short and beautiful animated film by Yuri Norstein.

The way true fairy tales - or folk tales - are, the way they really are... There is more dramatic tension in this 10 minutes-long animated film, than in a big movie. Not to mention the poetry of the story-telling, and of the visual expression. The rhythm and the direct simplicity of the hedgehog's thoughts - just like a child's. A child's inner life, as you might remember from your own, is not simplistic, or of overbearing, saccharine-like sweetness. But it can become like that, if the stories and images we give him to think with, to think about, are clichéd, sentimentalized, dumbed down (because simple does not mean simplistic!). But fairy tales - the real ones, the old, original ones, and even some of those written by a Perrault or Collodi - are realistic, yet their imagination is uncontrollable; simple, yet also complicated, in their story turns, and in the feelings they induce; they never end, that way.

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