Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The City (2)

I am always mesmerized by those shots, usually at the beginning of movies, in which the camera floats over some body of water towards a cityscape, and the lights of a city.

The video below is something  similar, as it illustrates, in a way, some of the beauty and fascination of the city (on which I touched in a previous post). Indeed, I do not find the lights of the city estranging; to the contrary, and especially when they are produced by human movement.

There is a sense of distance and otherness, indeed - and maybe artificiality would be the word; but there is also warmth, light - the pulsating life of the city. Because the life of the city is made of human movement.

Take a look, then, at this wondrous video produced by Dominic Boudreault of time lapse images from metropolises in the North America. A suggestion - watch it full screen and in HD. Or just go to Dominic's website and watch it there.

Timelapse - The City Limits from Dominic on Vimeo.

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